Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual Property (“IP”) assets are often the backbone of a company, and critical to its sustainability and growth. The attorneys at NorthStar are proficient in all aspects of intellectual property and technology law, including:

  • IP Strategy and Counseling
  • Patent and Trademark Filing and Prosecution
  • Copyright
  • IP Due Diligence and Analysis
  • Licensing and IP Transactions
  • Brand Protection, Enforcement & Dispute Resolution

Commercial Transactions

Entering into sensible and clearly written agreements is vital to the smooth operation of any business. To this end, NorthStar helps its clients with a wide variety of commercial transactions and agreements in areas such as:

  • Manufacturing and Supply
  • Distribution, Sales and Marketing
  • Licensing and Joint Ventures
  • Confidentiality and Third-Party Vendor Support

E-Commerce, Privacy & Data Protection

Doing business online comes with its own set of unique challenges, including navigating the ever-changing, ever-complex set of rules and regulations governing privacy and consumer data protection. NorthStar has worked with clients who have significant e-commerce businesses, and helped them with such things as:

  • Online Advertising, Promotions and Sweepstakes
  • Drafting and maintaining privacy and data protection policies that comply with both federal, state and foreign laws.
  • Counseling on matters related to third-party e-commerce vendors, including payment platforms, and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.
  • Handling ADA Web Accessibility lawsuits.

Company Formation, Finance and Governance

NorthStar Law Group has experience helping clients with nearly all aspects of business formation, equity and debt financing, corporate governance and exit transactions.  We are also capable of assisting with the mergers and acquisition process; including the review and analysis of a company’s existing contracts and IP holdings, to helping marshal through the final deal documents and closing.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We understand that most companies want to avoid spending time and money embroiled in disputes with third-parties. Nevertheless there are times when businesses find themselves having to enforce their rights through enhanced legal action, or are on the receiving end of a lawsuit. The lawyers at NorthStar have significant litigation and dispute resolution experience, and bring to bear the skills required to successfully represent our clients in State and Federal Court on a wide range of issues, including intellectual property disputes, and consumer product claims, including alleged California Prop 65 violations.

Fractional General Counsel Services

There may come a time when a company needs an in-house attorney to handle all legal matters that come in the door. But hiring a full-time employee to act as General Counsel just doesn’t make financial sense.  NorthStar’s Founding Partner, Jonathan Muenkel, has worked in-house and as General Counsel for his clients, and can take on the role as a part-time General Counsel for your business, offering such services on a monthly retainer or fixed fee basis.